We, the Law Enforcement Officers of the United States and the State of Maryland, convinced that it is in the best interest of our members, hereby unite under the name of the MARYLAND TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY POLICE LODGE #34, OF THE FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE, INC. This lodge is formed to promote more personal and efficient operation between the Law Enforcement Officers of this lodge and state, and to foster enforcement of law and order; to encourage social, charitable, and educational activities among Law Enforcement Officers.

We the members, do hereby pledge to increase the efficiency of the Law Enforcement profession and thus more firmly establish the confidence of the public in the services dedicated to the protection of life and property.




On June 1st FOP Lodge 34 was forced to file an Unfair Labor Practice with the Maryland State Labor Board in reference to actions taken by representatives of the MDTA during the CPL promotion exam and subsequent “investigation” into those actions. Rest assured the FOP will continue to defend our members and their interests against any form of retaliation or intimidation. Below is a link to the Unfair Labor Practice paperwork that FOP 34 has filed.
FOP 34 has come to a tentative agreement with the state of Maryland for our upcoming contract. We will hold informational meetings at the lodge on January 18th and 23rd to answer any questions that our active members may have pertaining to the contract. Meetings will start at 7pm and are open to any current member of the bargaining unit. All other members will not be allowed to attend.
Contract ratification voting will be held on February 1st at FOP Lodge 34 and the Bay Bridge detachment. Voting will be held between 7am and 9pm at both locations. The bargaining committee and the board of directors support ratifying this contract but encourage all bargaining unit members to vote however they wish. Your vote matters!!!!
The below link is a copy of the final contract draft for ratification. Please take the time to review the entire document.