Shop Stewards

FOP 34 Shop Stewards & Contact Information

Shop Stewards are in place to assist members with issues that they perceive to be in violation of the MOU and or the policies of The Maryland Transportation Authority Police.
Fop 34 strongly suggest that the member make every attempt to resolve the issue themselves  prior to contacting the FOP.
If the member asks the shop steward for assistance that member must make that complaint in writing (Dispute Resolution Form/attached) to the shop steward explaining the issue and their interpretation of the situation.
Shop stewards will not pursue anything on the members behalf until they receive that complaint in writing. This is to protect the shop steward from being accused of provoking an issue for their own personal benefit/agenda.
Dispute Resolution Form

C.Carter  443-854-8721
C.Heyliger  410-926-5113


J.Marll            443-823-9330

Tunnel Command

Dan Blubaugh  410-624-6117

Jordan Williams  410-493-7736 

Bay Bridge

John Lewis  410-336-3856

CVSU Metro

Randall Bostic   443-455-3175

CVSU North

Rich Sponaugle  443-629-8397

Nice Bridge

Monica Tompkins  240-682-1185

Hatem Bridge

Rich Sponaugle  443-629-8397


James Hedgecoth            443-527-9170


Jeffrey Fugitt  410-370-0184


Paul Vandergriff  443-739-6911