Legal Services

Greetings Brothers & Sisters,
    Below is a comprehensive line by line of our pre-paid legal plan and on-duty incident plan with Schlachman, Belsky & Weiner P.A. for you, the member, to take advantage of no matter if you are active or retired*.  If you need legal advice for any issue contact SBW Law at 410-685-2022 or 1 (888) 685-2022.  (Always call those numbers first for legal service) 
* Means for all Retired members who have paid for the legal plan.
Schlachman, Belsky & Weiner, P.A.
300 East Lombard Street, Suite 1100
Baltimore, Maryland 21202-3245
Toll Free- 1-888-685-2022
  1. Criminal Accusations:
    • Make no statements, as you are not required to do so (written or oral) to anyone before you consult with your attorney.
    • Never waive any of your Constitutional Rights or L.E.O.B.R.
  1. Departmental Misconduct:
    • You have five (5) days to obtain the services of an attorney prior to giving any statement.
    • If you are ordered to give a statement without counsel, write the following:
      • I have been ordered to submit this statement and failure to do so would subject me to disciplinary actions.  I am not waiving any rights in submitting this statement.
  1. Deadly Force or Excessive Force:
    • Do not make any statements, verbal or written, until you have spoken with the lodge attorney.
   The pre-paid legal plan will pay 100% with no deductables of the legal fees for the services provided to the member and eligible beneficiaries, which include spouse and children of the member, natural or adopted, eighteen years of age and under.  The plan will also provide coverage to a handicapped child of the member residing in the member's household regardless of that child's age, providing the child is wholly dependent upon the member for support and maintenance.
 * Means: Within certain defined geographical boundaries within the State of Maryland
  1. Unlimited advice & consultation  
  2. Preparation of Last Will & Testament (Includes simple trust provisions but excludes marital trust will or probate estate.)
  3. Domestic Relations & Family Law*
    • Separation Agreements
    • Uncontested Divorces
    • Contested Divorces
    • Uncontested Annulments
    • Contested Annulments
    • Child Custody cases (Prior to or concurrent with an action for divorce)
    • Change of Name
    • Adoption (Step Parent and Same Sex)
  1. Criminal Law*
    • Defense of Criminal Actions in the District Court of Maryland
    • Defense of Traffic Violations in the District Court of Maryland
    • Defense of Juvenile Court proceeding
     5.  Representation at Motor Vehicle Hearings*
    • Accumulation of points for traffic convictions
    • Violation of Insurance requirments relating to financial responsibility
  1. Defense of Civil Actions in the District Court of Maryland*    
  2. Resolutions of Consumer Problems in the District Court of Maryland as Follows:*
    • Excessive Interest and Late Charges
    • Illegal Debt Collection Actions
    • Furniture and other Personal Property Repossession
    • Enforcement of Warranties
    • Consumer rights problems with credit ratings       
  1. Real estate transactions (limited to primary residence of member) (primary residence is defined as that residence where the eligible participant shall reside for the greater part of a calendar year, and shall not include a resort of vacation home) as follows:*
    • Representation of seller or buyer at settlement of primary residence (excludes title searches and conducting of settlement)
    • Review and/or preparation of contract for the sale or purchase of primary residence
    • Landlord and tenant dispute
    • Review of lease for primary for residence
      9.  Preparation of Simple Legal Documents
     10. Free Notary Service
     11. Establishment of Birth Certificates  
     All services under the plan will be furnished by the law firm of Schlachman, Belsky & Weiner, P.A. at their various offices.  Normal office hours are Monday through Friday - 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.  Appointments should be made by dialing (410) 685-2022 or our State-wide toll free number 1 (888) 685-2022.
     Anyone with an "emergency" at a time when the office is closed should call (410) 685-2022 or our State wide toll free number 1 (888) 685-2022 at any hour and the answering service will then page a lawyer on call from the firm and your call will be acknowledged promptly.
  1. Any legal proceeding in which the member or his or her eligible beneficiaries are entitled to legal representation from any other source at no cost.
  2. Any business related ventures.
  3. In any action in which the interest of any member is opposed to the interest of any beneficiary, including but not limited to any action for divorce, separation agreement, annulment, child custody (prior to or concurrent with an action of divorce), only the member shall be entitled to representation. 
  4. When both parties are members, the plan shall afford coverage only to the first member contacting the plan, and the other member(s) shall be reimbursed up to an amount of $2,000 for services rendered by another attorney for a covered service.
  5. The spouse and/or beneficiary who is not a member of the organization through which the plan coverage is provided will not be entitled to any legal services, consultations, or reimbursement for legal services to be rendered by another attorney in a dispute against a member.  In the event that the member and his or her eligible spouse shall be separated and not be residing in the same household, then in the event, the spouse shall not be entitled to any services or benefits as provided under the terms of this plan.
  6. Any action deemed to be frivolous by the plan attorney.
  7. Preparation of income tax returns, tax matters and information.
  8. Class actions, interventions, amicus curiae filings, or other actions not dealing solely with personal and direct interests of the member of eligible beneficiary.
  9. Any legal proceeding or cause of action initiated or arising prior to the member's effective date of participation.
  10. Any dispute, legal proceeding or cause of action involving or initiated by a member and/or eligible beneficiary against the organization through which plan coverge is provided.
  11. All costs incident to covered legal services, including but not limited to:
    • Court costs, filing fees, closing costs, and fees for issuance of subpoenas
    • Deposition costs, transcripts, and recording fees
    • Lien & Judgement reports
    • Master's Fee
    • Witness & Expert Testimony Fees
  1. All matters in the State Circuit Courts with the exception of domestic & juvenile matters as herein before stated.
  2. All matters on the State Appellate Level.
  3. All matters before a U.S. Federal Magistrate, United States District Court, United States Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court of the United States.
  4. All covered services to be provided under the plan shall be limited to the State of Maryland.
     All benefits available under this plan to members and their eligible beneficiaries shall terminate immediately upon the resignation from the plan, termination of membership in the FOP or death of that member including representation in all pending matters.